Suzanne Wyman

About Suzanne

I love what I do. I want everyone to have a joyous experience when receiving a reading from me. The dymamic is so personal, so intimate, and so much about the one-on-one moment when you feel another person seeing you in how you see yourself. My talent is that I am able to do a "cold" reading. Using any number of methods, I can also do a "short positive reading". I have a range of types of readings for the more practiced client, and another for the first time client.

Parties are such a perfect place to have me entertain a group of people. My goal is to work fast and fun, averaging fifteen readings an hour. This gives everyone a chance to have fun with their reading. I love doing family groups and giving them joy and happiness as a stranger (ME) tells them what they know to be true. This is also excellent for bridal showers!!!

Please contact Suzanne for booking information: call 1.714.400.7384 or email